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Farm Directory

Welcome to our local farm directory, where you can easily find and support local farms, farmstands, and CSA programs in our community. Discover a variety of farms offering fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and more. Connect directly with farmers committed to sustainable practices and enjoy the best of local agriculture.

If you'd like to add your farm to the list, please contact our office at

Bright Farm

John Pattison and Jessica Kavanaugh

176 Tripp Road


We offer certified organic (IOPA #201) seasonal fresh vegetables, fruits and plant starts.  Delivery and pickup available for prearranged orders, see our online store.

Living Waters Farm

Mielle Chandler

181 Seymour Heights


Certified Organic microgreens.– living flats, or bagged product by weight. Sunflower shoots, pea shoots, kale, basil, arugula, beets, microgreen mix. More varieties later. All harvesting and packaging done with a sterile knife, gloves, and face mask.

Raven Wolf Farm

Elaine Buck McCann and Mike McCann

220 Margoline Drive

Chicken eggs, duck eggs, plant starts, medicinals, fruits, vegetables (seasonal and as available)

Soya Nova Tofu

Deb Lauzon

1200 Beddis Road


We have tofu, miso, tofu jerky, sprouted soybean tofu, zed spread, chili pepper smoked tofu, and our original smoked tofu. Everything is $5.00 a unit.

Windsor Farm

Darryl and Sheila Windsor

210 Hamilton-Horne Way


March – eggs / beef, pork, goat and lamb for meat / Jams, jellies, pickles and soap. June – chicken / June – October fresh and pickled market garden veggies.

Falcon Farm

Fraser Baldwin and Julia McKinley

455 Musgrave Road


Product:  Duck Eggs, Goose Eggs, Fruit and Veg, Flowers

Orchestra Farm

Reed Richard

147 Robinson Rd.

tomatoes, basil, squash, lettuce,  assorted greens,  other veggies and medicinal.

Ruckle Heritage Farm

Mike and Marjorie Lane

1801 Beaver Point Road


We offer accommodations, events & farm tours. We sell lamb, beef, holiday turkeys & eggs. Our farm stand sells farm-made snacks, preserves, bodycare products, cards etc. 

The Piper's Buns

Ellen Vesterdal and Chris Levan

740 Walker's Hook Road


Eggs, vegetables, fruit, garlic.  Baking on the weekends.

Heavenly Roots Vegetables

Kaleigh Barton and Ben Corno

430 Dukes Road


Delivery available – email or call for information.  Organic vegetables available at Country Grocer, the Saturday and Tuesday Markets and through  CSA Box Program.

Oscar's Meadow Orchard

Conrad Pilon

157 Whims Road


Frozen apple juice (UV pasteurized, 100% pure, October to March) Potted Fruit trees year round – plum, pear and apple – Garlic (August). Fresh fruit Summer and Fall - Plums, pears, apple, quince.

Salt Spring Apple / Ciderworks

Peri Lavender & Brian Webster

529 Fulford Ganges Road


Bottled cider. Delivery or pickup arranged by email.

Windrush Farm

Alan and Margaret Thomson

210 Hamilton-Horne Way


Cotswold sheep. Occasional breeding stock and meat. Wool as raw fleece, washed locks, pin drafted rovings, handspun or millspun yarn in natural colours or dyed

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